Working Woman Wednesday. 10 Questions With Rapper First Lady Yella.

Born and raised in Sanford, Florida.  She has been rapping since she was a teenager and started taking it serious back in 2011.  She likes doing hair when she is not in the studio.

My favorite artist growing up was

Nicki Minaj.

Artist I would like to perform with or do a duet with…

City Girls & Miss Mulatto.

Three producers I want to work with are…

MikeWill Made It, Metro Boomin and Zaytoven.

Who or what inspired you to become an artist?

I always used to write raps and freestyle in the circle at school.  As I got older I just started to take it more serious.

What do you hope to accomplish next year…

I hope to be on a larger platform next year with my music doing big shows.



My favorite vacation spot is

Vegas so far.

My favorite childhood memory is

When my mom would give us $100 bills, when she closed on a property.

My most valuable possession is…

My sanity.  I say that, because once you lose your mind, you lose it all.



What brings you the greatest satisfaction…

Making money on my own.

The memory you keep going back to is…

Last year when my other half went to jail.  The way the police came through my house was unbelievable.

Everyone can keep in contact with her on social media :

Instagram : Firstladyyella.  Twitter: Firstladyyella. Facebook: Yella Denise



  1. Congratulations to my nephew Abner and my great-niece First Lady Yello on your success. I pray God gives you all the very desires of your heart.


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