Working Woman Wednesday

Micah Dixon was raised in Cleveland, Ohio and a radio personality for Columbus Power. With an eclectic ear for all kinds of music, she chose a path that was her favorite. Her career in radio began as the co-host for Internet radio show, “Since 1974”. Her outgoing, energetic, loud mouth personality kept the audience hooked and ratings went through the roof, making way for the show to be nominated for an Ohio Hip-Hop Award in 2012. She has since won Best On- Air Talent from Ohio Entertainment Awards, hosted the Ohio Hip-Hop Awards 2016. Her dream is to one day invest into a NFL team, and to become the TV Host of a game show. Micah has taken over mid-days on Power 107.5 in Columbus, OH. In addition, she host overnights and weekends on Z 107.9 in Cleveland, OH.

You can follow her on Instagram at @thedopedixon.



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