Shout Out Sunday

Eric Green was born and raised in Sanford, Fl and obtained his bachelor’s and master’s degrees from Florida A&M (FAMU).  He is the owner of the Eric Green Collection, with its attention to detail, originality, and sophistication, is designed for the woman who cherishes the unique, appreciates artistry and wants to make a statement.  His custom-made pieces and innovative designs have been featured in runway shows, private exhibits and fine art galleries around the world, including New York, Atlanta, Orlando, New Orleans, and Ghana, West Africa.  Eric incorporates gems, semi-precious and natural stones in these one-of-a-kind pieces with the intent to capture the authentic beauty of nature, to create wearable art.  Eric is also a Singer and Songwriter, he released his debut single “I Belong Here” in 2017 (Available on iTunes, Amazon, Google Play).  You can check out Eric and his collection at



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