Abners Angels Presents Interview With Model “Maurisa Janét”

Maurisa Janét is an upcoming model and actress born in Atlanta, Georgia. She was raised in Milledgeville, Georgia and her career started in Memphis, Tennessee. She has been modeling for two years and didn’t start taking things seriously until June of 2020. After competing in the 2020 World’s perfect model search as Georgia’s Perfect Teen, she landed herself a billboard in Times Square which debuts in February of 2021. She has many projects, fashion shows lined up for the next few months, including walking in the 2021 New York Fashion Week under the directorship of Michael Galanes. With her new look and newly found confidence, she is a force to be reckoned with.

How does it feel to be selected as one of the Abners Angels?

I am extremely honored.  Every opportunity I receive helps my work speak for itself and now that I’ve been picked as an Angel, even more people will be able to admire my artwork and passion.

What was the first job you ever booked as a model? 

An associate of mine that I went to high school with messaged me one day and asked me to be in his music video.  I was absolutely terrified when I got there and I had no clue what to do, but after a few laughs we all got comfortable and had an amazing time.  Looking back I can definitely say I was not good at all, but being able to see the progress I’ve made is beautiful.

What is one model or photographer you’d like to work with?

Although I’m not “tall enough” to be a high fashion model, I would love to walk in a Victoria Secret show with Kendall Jenner.  She is absolutely stunning on the runway.  One day you will see us up there. 

Do you prefer studio or location shoots?

I prefer studio shoots, because I like being in a controlled environment.  I love designing and creating beautiful sets, but you can take a photo with just a white background that comes out just as dope as a picture taken at the Eiffel Tower.  That just takes practice and great lighting.

Which insecurity would shock people if they knew about it? 

My Smile! Although I think my smile is beautiful, over the years I have been insecure about laughing.  This is because I have big teeth and when I laugh, I think I look like a shark. 

What physical features do you get the most compliments on? What are you insecure about?

I get lots of compliments on my short hair. Once Baron De Parre told me I am a part of the 2% of women that successfully rocks short hair.  I’ve also been told that my face is very symmetrical.  Even though that sounds silly, it’s actually a great compliment.  I am also very insecure about my body.  Some days I feel too skinny and other days I feel like my stomach is poking out super far.

What was your hometown like?

I’m from Milledgeville Georgia, it is a very small city in the middle of nowhere.  Growing up I rode lots of four wheelers, I hunted and fished and I even grew up on a little farm.  The people who live there are the epitome of “country” as some may say.

What’s something everyone should experience once in their life?

I feel like everyone should experience some sort of hardship, without struggle there would be no perseverance. 

What is something you believe that most people don’t?

I believe that dropping out of high school is a good decision.  Although that statement raises eyebrows, for some people high school is essentially a waste of time.  Today we have so many different opportunities to show our creativity and our talents.  Having a piece of paper that says “yay I went to school for 12 years” means nothing to me.  In school they don’t teach you how to have good credit, how to file taxes, how to buy a house and the curriculum these days is extremely repetitive.  We need lessons that truly prepare us for our cutthroat reality.

If you could co-star in any movie with any actor/actress who would you choose and why?

I would love to co-star in a film with Denzel Washington. I can’t forget the first time I saw Remember the Titans. I laughed, cried, smiled and I was even angry.  This movie never fails to take me on an emotional roller coaster and one day I hope that we can come together and tell an amazing story. 

What’s the best thing about your life right now?

I would say the best thing in my life is my family.  Without my mother and my sister I would be nothing.  The two of them keep me grounded and calm.  They both push me to do better every single morning I wake up in this beautiful world, but most of all they are my biggest fans.  They cheer me on no matter what and I am so blessed to have them.  We will always love each other no matter what.

What was the most embarrassing thing you have done on a date?

I have never done anything embarrassing on the actual date, but once I was introducing a guy to my family and I said the wrong name.

How can everyone keep in contact with you on social media?

On Instagram everyone can keep up with my photoshoots, BTS and more @officialmaurisaj on Instagram. To see more of my makeup videos head over to TikTok and follow me @maurisa_j. Tune into my snapchat to see what my daily routines are like @maurisa_j.


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